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Make Your Event Memorable with a Photo Booth

Photo booths are the means to make memories with your loved ones - at every sort of event! With a wide selection of services, we recognise that every event is truly unique.

With a passion for adding an innovative & creative twist, Malta Booth provides photo booth rentals for any sort of event in Malta because we want to make YOUR event memorable. Here’s why:

Photo Booth Malta - 360 Degrees Photo Booth Malta Rental - Photo Booth Family Wedding

1. A Photo Booth Is Fun!

Renting a photo booth means that you don’t have to entertain your guests all the time yourself and instead, get people to network and take photos with one another. Your party definitely won’t get boring! Taking pictures means to be goofy, silly and just chill in a fun environment. Plus, you get to enjoy your party (without too much effort from your end).

2. A Photo Booth Is For All Ages

If you’re worried that you’d need to entertain kids, photo booths can come in handy! Photos create memories and they make anyone resonate with them - people of all ages.

3. Your Guests Will Look Amazing

Picture your guests posting incredible photos of themselves at your photo booth on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Wide smiles, pearly teeth, all-dressed up… and having fun! Our high-quality lighting will ensure that your guests look top-notch in their photos. Add the cool filters and props and your guests are going to look like a million bucks. A photo booth rental is always an experience at a party.

And if you really want to create the best instagram-worthy content, our 360 photo booths can fit up to 5 people at any given time with any effect or text you’d like - create some memorable moments at your event!

Photo Booth Malta - 360 Degrees Photo Booth Malta Rental - Photo Booth Friends Wedding

4. A Photo Booth Is Flexible

A photo booth doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. From the classic photo booth you love, to the latest 360 video booths, our photo booths give you the flexibility to create your memories. We’ve got different packages and products, but everyone’s favorite is the Photo Booth Pro.

Photo booth rentals are suitable for all kinds of events like corporate, weddings, birthdays and baby showers too!

5. Photo Booths Bring People Together

If there are any guests who are camera-shy, drag them to your photo booth! Everyone has a good time being goofy and taking photos - the aim is to just have fun and go with the flow.

Taking photos also brings people together. There is no easier way to “break the ice” than to grab a few props, make funny faces and share some laughs.

Photo Booth Malta - 360 Degrees Photo Booth Malta Rental - Photo Booth Couple Wedding

At Malta Booth, we promise to make good times better. Our team is here to create memorable experiences with state-of-the-art photo booths.

Rent a photo booth for your event to make it memorable! Whatever the event, we'll be there. Make memorable moments with Malta Booth.


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