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Photo Booth Malta: Here Are Maltabooth's Top 5 Photo Booth Rental Offers

At Maltabooth, we’ve got the creativity and fun you want for your party with so many photo booth rentals to choose from! We’re not here to just take photos, we’re here to create memories with you and your guests - memories that you’ll still be talking about for years to come! 

So, learn about our cutting-edge 360-degree Video Booths and our Mirror Booth - incredible photo booths that bring people together on any occasion. If you’re looking to customize, our Green Screen Booth opens up so many possibilities!

Want to know more? Keep reading to check out what we at Maltabooth can offer you! Our photo booths bring technology, creativity, and entertainment together to create an incredible event experience for YOU!

maltabooth - Photo Booth Rentals - Best Friends

1. The 360 Video Booth

Step onto our cutting-edge 360-degree video booth, crafted and tested for seamless and dependable performance in every rotation.

Revolutionizing the photo booth experience, we at Maltabooth defy convention and we set the bar high! We do not disappoint - step onto our five-foot circular platform where up to five guests stand, encircled by a high-definition, slow-motion camera. In just five seconds, this innovative setup captures mesmerizing videos that are promptly uploaded to an online gallery via our advanced software.

It's not just a photo booth - it's a dynamic and engaging experience that combines technology and creativity. Embrace the future of event entertainment with our state-of-the-art 360-degree video booths - where every spin becomes a captivating moment to cherish.

Photo Booth Malta - Photo Booth Rental - 360 Video Booth

2. The Mirror Booth

Or try out our mirror booth - a sleek and stylish digital upgrade to the photo booth craze that promises an outstanding rental experience for all occasions. Behind the mirror lies a positioned camera, capturing snapshots while guests pose and check their reflections in this interactive experience.

What sets our mirror photo booth apart from others is that it's super adaptable! It can easily match any theme or branding for any event yet still offers a personalized touch that resonates with your vision. From a diverse range of animations and customized branding to hashtags, photo borders and lots of props - you’re spoiled with options!

Also, did we mention that you get to keep a memento with you? Each person in the photo gets a copy! To capture moments, strike poses, and take home memories that go beyond the ordinary.

Photo Booth Malta - Photo Booth Rental - Mirror Booth

3. Green Screen Booth

Elevate your photo booth experience with our Green Screen technology, adding a touch of cool and excitement to every snapshot. Say goodbye to standard backdrops and embrace a world of customization - choose any background of your choice! 

With our Green Screen Booth, guests can choose their preferred background with just a tap on the screen and with that personalized touch, each photo is transformed into something unique. 

This one’s a keeper so rent the Green Screen Booth for your next event!

Photo Booth Malta - Photo Booth Rental - Green Screen Booth


Embrace FUN with our GIF booths at your event! What makes the GIF Booth so cool is that it transforms static photos into lively, shareable moments. Why settle for still images when you can create an animated GIF in just three clicks? 

It's not just about capturing moments - it's about making those moments last longer and adding a dash of creativity to every snapshot.

Photo Booth Malta - Photo Booth Rental - Gif Booth

5. The Ring Booth

Capture the moment with a photo, freeze the fun with a GIF, or create loops with a Boomerang - the Ring Booth has all three! Whether it's a wedding, corporate gathering, or a birthday party, this budget-friendly booth ensures that memories are not just captured but celebrated in style.

Say goodbye to budget constraints without compromising on entertainment. The Ring Booth is your ticket to a dynamic and engaging event experience, proving that affordability doesn't mean sacrificing the cool factor. Elevate your gathering with this versatile booth that delivers on features, fun, and financial sensibility.

Photo Booth Malta - Photo Booth Rental - Ring Booth

We’ve convinced you - our top 5 Photo Booth rentals are the ultimate fun and definitely an absolute game-changer for any event. The dedication to excellence shines through in the precision crafting and rigorous testing of their 360-degree video booths, promising an experience that's not just seamless but absolutely unparalleled.

Experience the magic of Maltabooth and let us be a part of your special moments. Our innovative photo booth services in Malta will leave a lasting impression, making your event memorable.

So, choose Maltabooth today for an experience that blends cool innovation with the freedom to make your moments truly unforgettable.


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