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7 Reasons Why You Need a 360 Photo Booth at your Event

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

The 360 degrees photo booth is an innovation introduced into the photography industry to aid creativity. The new invention has transformed the perspective of people towards conferences, meetings, and events. It helps individuals solve the difficulty of having exciting and engaging events that guarantee attendees comfort.

An event becomes boring without exciting contests or activities are on display, and can reduce your business profitability as customers shy away from event planners who don’t add any flavour to their events. Besides, everyone loves the idea of clicking and sharing pictures on social media, a reason why photo booths continue growing exponentially.

Photo Booth Malta | 360 Degrees Photo Booth Malta Rental | Photo Booth at Events

1) It Pushes Creative and Authentic Social Media Content For Your Brand

One of the best ways to get more people aware of your brand is by pushing out creative content. The 360 photo booth ensures that pictures uploaded reflect your brand’s uniqueness, instead of getting clients confused about the images added to event portfolios.

With 360 photo booths, you can have more delectable pictures, videos and media files organised and saved on client albums.

Photo Booth Malta | 360 Degrees Photo Booth Malta Rental | Photo Booth at parties

2) It Makes Your Attendees Feel Part Of The event

An average event planner understands the importance of getting their audience entertained and interested in the events. One reason why events are tagged unsuccessful is the failure of the event manager to develop spicy and creative ideas. Your audience must also be incorporated into these fun activities.

They feel more engaged when good pictures are taken to remember the moment, and 360 photo booths can help with achieving that.

The 360 photo booths are equipped with entertaining and interactive features to ensure that users gain the most fun-filled time taking snapshots during the events. A photo booth virtually takes off the stress of organising a series of digital and analog camera operators.

Photo Booth Malta | 360 Degrees Photo Booth Malta Rental | Photo Booth Fun images

3) It Comes With Instant Social Media Sharing Options

With the new trend of globalisation, individuals and corporate bodies are beginning to leverage social media’s power. 360 photo booths are structured to accommodate social media sharing options. These options allow picture uploads to social media platforms.

4) It Improves Event Publicity

People will trust your brand more when they can see collections of previous jobs. Friends and clients wouldn’t make recommendations of cameramen to new potential clients amidst fears of failure to deliver professional service. A photo booth makes clients trust you more as a professional and a businessman.

It also increases the credibility for your brand. Your brand takes a new level when you begin to leverage added features made available by 360 photo booths.

Photo Booth Malta | 360 Degrees Photo Booth Malta Rental | Photo Booth for Commercials

5) It's Cost-Effective Without Compromising on Quality

The impression of customers regarding the service delivery of your brand determines the type of contracts you get. By investing more time into productive outputs, you give your clients more reasons to refer you for more deals. This photo booth type is a great way of investing in the quality of service offered to clients.

Your guests and customers who have enjoyed the best of time working with you will be pleased to refer you to their friends and families who need your services. Sometimes it takes one satisfied customer to bring in the high-end deals.

The highpoint of an event is the memories created through pictures and videos.

6) Social Media for Brand Activation

You’ve probably heard many clients complain about the delays associated with event pictures. To stand out from other photography firms, you should ensure timely photographs delivery. The photo booth’s social media option is a faster way to ensure that your clients receive all their photos in no time; this move promotes trust.

With innovations such as the 360 photo booth, clients can receive videos and photos on the spot to reduce extra delivery cost inconvenience. Clients are also allowed to file for social media campaigns with the pictures obtained.

It was only some years back when you had to wait for a day or two to receive pictures taken at events. Advancement in technology has quickened the entire process. With this innovative 3d video photo booth, you can share videos and photos immediately with guests.

The booth gives you the convenience of sharing your guests’ photos and videos via social media or other online photo-sharing platforms. One primary reason clients prefer to have the online sharing options activated is to increase the event’s popularity. How would you feel that your event ranks among top live events on social media handles? Awesome right?

The more engagement you have on your occasion, the more likely your chances of having more referrals and online recognitions. Photography companies use the 360 photo booth to create online publicity for their brand.

Photo Booth Malta | 360 Degrees Photo Booth Malta Rental | Photo Booth Party

7) The Luxury of an All-In-One Setup

The 360 photo booth is more than your conventional photo booth. It gives you an all-round experience and helps you access incredible features for your events. Many companies that are futuristic in planning have begun investing in the use of 360 photo booth software.

Major event planning companies who understand the benefits of using the all-encompassing features have made giant strides at providing the 360 photo booths at affordable rental rates.

The set of users for the photo booth all depends on the user’s specification and the type of events organised. Some events May require a selfie portrait or video setup.

Whatever the structure, the 360 photo booth setup provides a unique experience for any audience. Your ability to leverage your innovations sets you far ahead of your counterparts in an industry, giving you the upper hand in offering optimum service delivery.

Your goal should be to create an experience clients won’t forget in a hurry. One of the most efficient ways to do this is by providing 360 photo booth rental services.

The life of an event shouldn’t die immediately after the event is concluded.

Photo Booth Malta | 360 Degrees Photo Booth Malta Rental | Photo Booth


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