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6 Reasons You Should Rent a 360 Photo Booth for Your Wedding

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

When it comes to your wedding, there’s nothing as enjoyable as taking pictures with your loved ones. Wedding photos are forever and you need them for the sake of posterity. Another great way to remember this beautiful event is a special photo booth for everyone’s entertainment. While an ordinary photo booth should be nice for your guests, getting a 360-degree booth can make your day even more perfect. What makes a 360 photo booth special? Here are 6 reasons why you should get a 360 photo booth for your wedding. It can be a fun, entertaining way to get lasting memories.

Photo Booth Malta | 360 Degrees Photo Booth Malta Rental | Photo Booth at Wedding

1. Get An All-In-One Photo Setup

A great thing about a 360-degree photobooth and a GIF booth combination is its all-in-one function for the wedding. Rather than simply working as a standard photo booth, they can double as another feature of the wedding. A 360 slo-mo video booth can work as an all-in-one setup that can do almost everything for their guests. As A Selfie booth, it can take different types of photos and have as many people as possible within a shot. It can take portraits and selfies, which means you can take almost every type of image that you want, and even animated gifs. 360 booths can also take slow motion videos , so getting guests to share your wedding should be much easier. With all the photos, videos, GIFs, and even slow-mos that you get, everyone will know how good your wedding is. You will see how much of a good time everyone gets. People will be sharing the pictures they get at your wedding for so long.

2. It Keeps Your Guests Engaged

During weddings, it’s never easy to engage your guests throughout the occasion. Depending on how big the event is, you could only wish that nobody gets left behind and feels bored during the event. There’s a reason why you add different extras to your wedding!

With a 360-degree photo booth, you can keep your wedding guests happy and engaged. It’s a superb way to make everyone take pictures with you and other guests. Attendees will naturally converge around the booth, capture and share pictures with each other.

3D photo booths keep your guests happy and contented. It makes the event a little more memorable for everyone. Your guests are there to share the moments with you, so a photo booth should keep them a little happier.

Photo Booth Malta | 360 Degrees Photo Booth Malta Rental | Photo Booth at Weddings 2

3. 360-Degree Photo Booths Are Suitable For All Ages

If you’re the bride and groom, you’d love to think that the entire wedding should be about you. Then again, you can’t expect every guest to pay attention to you the entire time, especially the children. There isn’t a lot to do at weddings that children wouldn’t find a chore.

360-degree photo booths are suitable for all ages. It’s wholesome entertainment that will surely get smiles from your younger visitors. Unlike basic booths, 360 photo booths have special features like slo-mo cams that kids will have several creative ways to make the most out of it.

Much like the young ones, the older guests like grandmas and grandpas will surely have a bit of a smile as they take a pose. Both kids and seniors will surely join in, so all ages would love it.

4. It Makes Your Guest Feel Like They’re Part of the Festivities

An average wedding focuses on the bride and groom. Even then, it’s important to understand that you’re sharing your best day with your attendees, so it’s vital to make them feel like they’re part of something special. Keeping guests entertained and interested makes you a great host, so why not use a 360-degree photo booth? 360 photo booths are creative ways to incorporate your guests into fun activities that you can enjoy. You can make a viral internet sensation with your wedding that your guests would definitely love. You’re not only taking simple pictures, you’re also getting those slo-mo videos that are cute and awesome at the same time. 360 photo booths have the right equipment for both interactivity and entertainment. Do jump shots, dance shots, joke shots, and everything in between! It takes the stress off having to entertain your guests in the entire event.

Photo Booth Malta | 360 Degrees Photo Booth Malta Rental | Photo Booth at Weddings 3

5. Use It As A Fun Guest Book

There’s so much fun you can do with 360 photo booths - and it’s not just the photos! It’s a great way to cut costs for brides and grooms because it can act as your extra fun and interactive guest book. Instead of having a guest book of basic photos, you can use the booth to connect with your guests and see who came to celebrate. With a 360 booth, you make your guest book so much more fun and personalized. Gone will be the days where you’ll be filling your guest book with simple signatures and scant photos here and there. With a 360, you get crazy shots, as well as videos that you can upload as your digital guest book. You’ll get to see the faces of your guests in glee, working as a reminder of how much fun they had with you on your big day. If you’re the fun type of bride or groom who wants a one-of-a-kind guestbook, make this a part of your celebration.

6. It Helps Guests Interact

No matter how big or small your wedding is, there will be a time when the energy will go down. This usually comes during the cocktail hours of the wedding, as well as the gap between the wedding ceremony itself and the reception. A 360 photo booth should be a solid ice breaker that will keep people talking. The entire photo booth installation looks like a great decor as it is. It’s an eye-catcher that will encourage guests to get excited about the experience. People will try to find fun ways to make enjoyable photos, especially booths that can freeze time and capture great moments with each other. Guests will surely wander over during free time. Families, friends, kids, parents, grandparents - they’ll all go out and race to see who can make the most out of the 360 photo booth. After the wedding is over, you’ll surprise yourself with how hilarious the photos will be!

Photo Booth Malta | 360 Degrees Photo Booth Malta Rental | Photo Booth

The Bottom Line

Renting a 360 photo booth for your wedding is worth it for anyone who wants a fun time. More than a place to take photos, it’s a great way to interact with your guests and keep them engaged the entire time. Make your wedding even more memorable! Book a 360 photo booth today and see how you can make your memories much more special.


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